Complementing State’s Primary Education: JK Paper offers a faculty building

Report through Badal Tah; Rayagada: In the recently performed HSC examination, the overall performance of Rayagada district is far from satisfaction because of which the district is reduced to 25th rank in the nation of Odisha. It is presumed that this situation is because of sheer negligence of the teaching body of workers. Some additionally attribute the reason to be infrastructure and group of workers deficit. The basis of training is the primary training, which isn’t always critically taken via the device. At this juncture, to strengthen the Govt’s primary education, company like JK Paper Mills Ltd of Jaykay Pur have come forward for infrastructure development.

Recently, a New Project Upper Primary School constructing become constructed at Badachandili by using JK Paper Mills and exceeded over to Education Department of Rayagada. The building turned into inaugurated by Sri P K Behera, Collector & District Magistrate, Raygada in presence of Smt Anasthesia Kerketa, DPC, Rayagada, Sri Rajendra Majhi, BDO, Rayagada, Sri P Ramulu, Chairman, Panchayat Samiti, Rayagada, Sri P Gouri Shankar, Zilla Parshad Member, Rayagada, Smt. Suai Pedenti, Sarpanch, Chandili GP. The School is supplied with all type of facilities like meeting Hall, Computer Room to facilitate smart magnificence and a unique Hostel.

The dignitaries applauded the seasoned-humans activities of JK Paper Mills in the direction of the development of the peripheral villages .Mr P K Suri, Executive Vice President narrated about JKPM’s social obligation & attention for the increase of training inside the surrounding villages. He appealed the locals to return ahead for the improvement of the new School.

The Collector Behera advised the scholars no longer simplest to carry out well in education but additionally to be bodily healthy & healthful. He assured to help for betterment of the School as a great deal as viable from his quit.

“JK’s attempt in making the primary training smart and qualitative is actually appreciable. They additionally want to check out the personnel deficit and chip in until the Govt fills up the distance. A few other tasks like this ought to be taken up by means of JK to set a version before the slowly denigrating schooling in Rayagada. Other company must observe JK’s model and mirror this technique in their outer edge”, said Professor Rama Chandra Pattanaik, a widely known educationist of the region.

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