How Many Words are in a Novel?

A novel is either a fictional work like a thriller or a biography, or detailed information about a historical event. You will have many concerns when you first write a novel. How do you arrange the story, for instance? How can you relate the characters?

You may have another question, how many words should a novel contain? The answer depends mostly on whether the book is fiction or not. The work’s genre is also significant. In this essay, both fiction and non-fiction will be discussed further about their respective words counts.


The various genre types vary in word count recommended. In the same genre books won’t have the same number of words. Alternatively, a selection can be chosen by readers. You can use for word count. Words often differ in the different levels of learning – adolescents, teens, and children.

Adult Commercial Fiction

The majority of bestsellers on bookshelves are representations of mainstream adult fiction. The following styles fell within this category:

  • Mainstream
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Mystery
  • Literary

According to the Writer’s Digest, when writing novels, ‘ between 80,000 and 89,999 words is a good range that you should reach for. ‘ “Between 71, 000 words and 109,000 words can be included in the text.” Those kinds of books are not intended to be sagas. You must be descriptive and correct.

Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

For commercial fiction these two genres are the exceptions of size. They’re shorter than “100,000-115,000,” while others can hit 124,000. They are long. The larger number of words is attributed to the worldwide production typical in such plays.

Most science fiction and fantasy are so much smaller. For example, a total combined word count of 1,770,000 is available for all of the five books that were previously published in the epic fancy sequence A Song of Ice & Fire.

Children’s Fiction

Because of the absence of subplots and the focus on the learning of young readers, children’s books have the least amount of words. The number of words in a child’s book depends on how old the book is and what genre it is. For instance, the popular book of Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham, only has 50 words recognized as rhythmic books


The subjects in non-fiction books are very diverse. The number of verbs differs as such. The ideas comprise biographies, myths, imaginative writing, magazines, literature, essays and religious texts, etc. There are major differences in the word count range for each genre

To explain that, look at the Bible’s number of words, and the number of words in the Quran. The answer depends on how much the Bible you use and what translation. The King James version contains 783,137 words, for instance: “There are hundreds of different Biblical interpretations and each of them has a specific number of words.”

The dictionary is another example of nonfiction. What are the vocabulary words? What you are searching for depends on the dictionary. There are 171,476 existing verbs in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The opinions on suggested word counts differ for the majority of regular nonfiction books on subjects such as economics, industry, culture, research, etc. Rick Benzel of Publish to Get Clients website recommends that when writing regular nofictions, you must “go for approximately 70 000 characters.” Chuck Sambuchino at Writer’s Digest on the other side notes that when reading nonfiction it is difficult to estimate word counts. For equivalent novels, he suggests that it is best to look at the word count.

Words Per Page

And, while writing fiction or nonfiction, how many words must you be in a page? Editors have their own unique ways to design the final product, which ensures that terms differ per site specification. The word count for the book varies according to the type of writing, genre and ageing population “In most situations the industry standard requirement duration is 250 words a line.” It is better to be conservative when seeking to have a book published for the first time. For most publishers this means “a author does not understand how to edit himself” for more than a normal word count.


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