Mahira Khan being it up dazzling looks during Paris Fashion Week

KARACHI: Mahira Khan has had a ritzy week in Paris speaking to Pakistan as the brand envoy of L’Oreal. From putting her best foot forward on the Paris Le Défilé runway appear in Karl Lagerfeld to wearing a heap of chic ensembles while going to occasions in the design capital, Mahira gave us she isn’t slowing down at any point in the near future.

Plumes, glitter, frills and neon galore were seen on the Superstar entertainer throughout the week and we couldn’t get enough. Mahira definitely ventured out of her usual range of familiarity to her usual downplayed elegant look and we need to applaud her for that. All things considered, Paris is always the ideal time to be in the current style.

Neon professional

The neon pattern isn’t finished and Mahira demonstrated this to us in the city of Paris. Matching loose black jeans with a lime green neon blouse, the entertainer looked casual-cool. Being in Paris, obviously, is all about in vogue frill. We love the way Mahira lifted the look with red boots and an animal print clutch. In any case, it would have been exceptional if the jeans were abbreviated at the ankle and fitted to let the boots sparkle.

Outré leather

This look wasn’t Mahira’s best of the week however we appreciate her willingness to set out. Furthermore, Paris is the city to evaluate various styles. Clearly loving the ankle boots pattern, the star wore metallic kicks and a leather jumpsuit. A cutting edge look we should state, however didn’t exactly get the job done perfectly.

Génial glitter

All that glitters is gold for Mahira’s situation! We venerate the delectable glitzy jumpsuit she wore on one of the days in the French capital. Literally lighting up the city, this outfit shouts Paris all finished. The back details were staggering and we feel Mahira made the best decision by leaving her hair loose and frill minimal. Also, that white feline eye is on point!

Étonnant ivory

Well, Mahira indicated us a classy getup while going to an Issey Miyake occasion in Paris. Channeling old world appeal, the star radiated ladylike vibes with this silky ivory ensemble. The cap includes a uber cool touch.

Embellishment specialist

Embellished coordinating isolates with false hide details is the best approach, since it’s Paris, darling. Mahira puts her best heeled foot forward in this bespoke ensemble that got all of us swooning. We are certain she made Avenue des Champs-Élysées look a little increasingly beautiful.

Racy runway

Here was the outfit we were all hanging tight for on the Paris runway! Mahira went rocker chick in a black leather coat ensemble by Karl Lagerfeld. The brand represetative took to the incline to join the leading ladies of L’Oreal Paris and shone in front of an audience under the Eiffel Tower. The hair and cosmetics could’ve been revamped as it was somewhat cruel on Mahira. In any case, it’s definitely an alternate style to Mahira’s usual blowdry and barely-there cosmetics!

Earlier, Khan was spotted spending time with the Cuban-American pop vocalist Camila Cabello and other L’Oreal Paris girls. At a cocktail party, she got the chance to hobnob with the likes of Eva Langoria, senior American on-screen character and agent. She was also papped out shopping. What’s more, without fail, she presented design goals.

Felicitations began pouring in at Khan’s Instagram account, from her colleagues and senior stars. A Reema Khan stated: “Pakistan is pleased with you Mahira.” Senior on-screen character Hina Khawaja Bayat remarked on a photo, “Rock it Mahiroo — continue doing right by us.” Upcoming model and entertainer Rehmat Ajmal too couldn’t quit drooling: “You’re everything.”

This was Khan’s second time in France as L’Oreal Paris’ image envoy. Last year, she made waves when she showed up at the Cannes International Film Festival.

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