Ideal Ways to Keep Your Blinds Clean

Ideal Ways to Keep Your Blinds Clean

Blinds are essential for any room with a window. It is a type of window covering that regulates light and air entering your rooms. They also offer the required privacy in your rooms. The presence of window blinds in your home creates a comfortable resting environment and also determines the interior look. This is because there is a wide range of styles and designs you can use on your windows. Popular blinds include roman, roller, Venetian, and vertical blinds.

Covering your windows is essential for your privacy. People outside are unable to spot the activities taking place in your home when your windows are properly covered. Blinds offer the privacy needed because of how they keep your windows covered. The other type of cover you can try on your windows are shades. It is a type of window treatment that is usually put in the same category as blinds. Well, the two have some slight differences in the material used to make them and their style of opening.

Blinds are made using hard materials like wood, metal and plastic, while shades are made using soft fabrics. You can try outdoor shades that hang from the outside of your windows and help regulate sunlight without obstructing your views. Blinds are widely used in most homes because of the benefits they offer.  You should take care of them for quality and extended services. Cleaning them is a perfect maintenance practice you should carry out all the time. The following are ideal ways to keep your blinds clean.


Dust and other materials can leave your blinds dirty. Hair falling off your pets is one thing that can leave your blinds dirty. Dust from outside, HVAC systems and the ceiling can also make them dirty. Dusting is one of the best practices to keep them clean. You can use soft materials that will help get rid of all the dust from blinds. Compressed air or vacuum cleaner can also help get rid of dirt from your window blinds.


It is another procedure that will leave all your blinds clean. The handheld vacuum cleaner is the best for this type of cleaning method. It is convenient and will help you get rid of dust from all the sections of your window blinds. You can adjust your settings to low suction and use an attachment with long bristles for the best results.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning can help get rid of all the dust and hard to remove stains from your window blinds. It is not that complicated because what you need is hot water mixed with mild detergent. You can dip a soft cloth in that solution then rub the spot on your window blind until it is completely gone. Be gentle when cleaning the spot to avoid wearing your blinds out. Put into consideration the material used in making the blind because some of them can wear out quickly when you use this cleaning procedure. You should leave your blind to dry up completely after using this cleaning procedure.


Wiping is a simple method used to clean different types of blinds. It helps to get rid of dust and other kinds of dirt. The best materials to clean using this procedure include metal, wood and vinyl. You can use a damp cloth and run it gently through the slats to get rid of dust and other forms of dirt. The type of wood used in making your blind is something you have to consider before using a damp cloth. Some of them can wear out fast when they come into contact with moisture.

One area you need to focus on when cleaning your blinds is the section between the slats. Use materials or procedures that will keep them clean without causing damage. You have the option of hiring professional cleaners who have the expertise to eliminate tough stains and other forms of dirt from your blinds. They also have the right cleaning tools to be used during the procedure. Preventive measures like cleaning your vents, ceiling fans and HVAC systems can reduce the dust levels in your home. You should keep your blinds clean for a comfortable stay in your home.

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