Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is Donald Trump Handling it Correctly?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, most countries are taking different approaches to combat the spread of the condition and flatten the curve. Countries that are yet to record a single case of the disease are readying themselves by setting up isolation facilities and ensuring they have enough medical supplies. One of the most affected countries at the moment is the U.S. With over 500,000 confirmed cases and 20,000 plus deaths, the USA tops the list of nations that have been hard hit by coronavirus.

The state of New York alone has more confirmed COVID-19 cases compared to China where the first case was reported and was the most affected country sometimes back. The first case in the country was confirmed on January 19, 2020 after a 35-year old man who had arrived in the country from Wuhan was presented to a clinic in Washington with a history of cough and high fever. There has been a rapid increase in the number of infections, especially during the month of March. The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases has partly been blamed on President Trump’s approach to the pandemic.

Trump tried to downplay the disease from the start through a stream of tweets. He assured U.S citizens that the disease is completely under control and that the risk infection for Americans remains low. As of January 31st, there were only five confirmed cases in the US. The first measure president Trump took is banning non-citizens who had paid a visit to China during that period. The number of confirmed cases has kept on increasing since February. Trump has received heavy criticism from the different leaders in the US because of his initial approach to the pandemic. Most of them accuse him of misleading the public about the imminent danger of the novel coronavirus.

Change of Tune

Looking at Trump’s latest news, he seems to have changed his mind and utterances about the pandemic. He has stopped underestimating the highly contagious and deadly nature of the virus. The rising numbers of confirmed cases have seen the country run short of essentials like ventilators that patients in critical condition may require. Trump recently ordered General Motors to manufacture ventilators, which shows he has stopped underestimating the pandemic. Declaring a state of emergency and signing the $2 trillion stimulus package are other reasons that show he is now handling the coronavirus pandemic with the urgency that is required. President Trump also gives daily press briefings to update American citizens on the state of the condition and different measures they are taking to ensure it is under control.

Blame Game

The 45th American president is known by many for his arrogance and erratic behavior. This is what many claim is the reason behind a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in America. A look at Trump news headlines from different platforms over the past few weeks, you will notice he is blaming different people or organizations. Trump has blamed top journalists and known media houses in the US for spreading ‘fake news’ and not giving an accurate report about the pandemic. He also accused Beijing of being responsible for the epidemic, referring to the disease as ‘Chinese Virus.’ The world health body has not been spared from President Trump’s blame onslaught. He claims the World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading the wrong information and has acted late despite the enormous funding from the US. Coronavirus has affected our social-economic lives to a greater extent. Many have been forced to stay at home, and major activities like sports have stopped. You can read the latest entertainment news to understand how they have been affected. As the disease keeps on spreading and claiming more lives, our prayer is that leaders from different countries take appropriate measures to flatten the curve and protect their citizens.

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